Natural luxury - Glamping ofcoarse

Come closer to nature, and yourself, with a unique glamping experience. Here we combine close to nature with high comfort. Enjoy light summer evenings by the fire, exploring the surroundings, and just being in the moment.

You live comfortably in our specially designed Luxury-Nests.  The gables are equipped with cotton canvas, that can open all the way. This gives a wonderful feeling of freedom and being close to the nature. A beutiful canopy keeps insects away. Wooden floor and roof keeps the night damp away and gives a cosy feeling.

The Luxury-Nest is built all in natural materials, cotton and wood treated with linseed oil and tar. Everey part is created with special care for environment. Ecology and circular flow is key factors for the entire business. Therefor you can relax with good conscience. Your stay does not add to any negative impact on environment or climate change.


Use the links below to see available dates on booking or Airbnb. You are also welcome to call me or send an email with your inquiry:  +46706061726