What you find by the Luxury-Nest

  • Bed linen (the bed is made for you when you arrive)
  • Towels
  • 10 liter drinking water
  • Firewood and matches
  • Elektric cool bag
  • Frying pan, pot, kettle and barbeque rack for cooking over the open fire
  • Turner, pincers, scoop, kettle holder
  • Salt, pepper and oil
  • Cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and wine glasses for two persons
  • Bowl, whisk, can
  • Dishing bowl, brush, detergent and towl for diching
  • Blankets, pillows and sheep skins

What you need to bring

  • Food for your stay
  • Warm sweater for the evening
  • Swimsuit if you wish
  • If you come early or late in the season  it can be nice to have a warm pyjamas and a comfy beanie to sleep in

Good to know

  • Toilet is located 150 meters from the tents with a modern and fresc eco-toilet. Shower with hot water, schampoo and balm is located on nice walking ditance, app. 500 meters. These spaces are shared with three tents.
  • It is app. 250 meters walk from the parking space to the tent.
  • It is possble to keep your food cold, to charge your phone, and to turn on some light in the evening with electricity from the solar panel on the roof.
  • There is a private fireplace by each tent. There is also a common fire place wich has a roof and can be used when it is raining.
  • There is a wood heated sauna available. No pre-booking. You make a fire yourself when you wish to use it, it taket 0,5-1 hour to get hot.
  • You will be staying in the sheeps medow with animals around the tent. There is also horses in a close paddock. Dogs must be cept on a leach.
  • It is fine to take a swim in the small lake that is nearby the tents. The water is usually clera and fresh, but since it is a small lake it can vary.
  • Children must be kept under spuervision since there is electric fencins and deep water in the area.
  • Charger for electric car (type 2) can be used by our farm. There are two charging points, these can not be prebooked.